Finger Print Authentication

Ever thought finger print authentication application would be such a big and developing part in our daily life while using a phone especially during a time when sensor scanning software’s were expensive and hard for mobile manufactures to incorporate into their device. Today they are on every high-end model from apple to Samsung but that about to change per sensor manufacturers Synaptic and Fingerprint Cards.

Fingerprint Cards has seen a growing interest in its technology from smartphone manufacturers in recent months, as well as a strong increase in orders. Thus, the company has raised its revenue estimate for the year from about 1.5 billion Swedish kronor (US$185 million) to 2.2 billion Swedish kronor. As reported Google, has also integrated support for fingerprint sensors in Android M is a major reason why the technology has started to take off on a larger scale.

The native support will make it easier for smartphone manufacturers to integrate fingerprint sensors in their devices. It will also make life easier for developers, who can use Android APIs to integrate fingerprint recognition in their apps instead proprietary ones developed by the sensor makers. Developments on the hardware side are also lowering the bar for fingerprint recognition. Prices have come down by about 25 percent in the last year, and they will continue to drop as volumes increase, and the sensor facility is also there on cheaper phones.

Beyond Apple and Samsung, many Chinese vendors have been adding fingerprint sensors application to their smartphones and will continue to do so in the coming years.

Inlogic IT Solutions Employees technology to meet our customer expectation by building mobile applications that is using fingerprint authentication sensors on mobile to access applications and make transaction.

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