[:en]Event Software: Considering the amount of work that goes into planning and executing an event in a given time no wonder this mammoth task is one of the most stressful jobs out there.

One of the key challenges in event planning comes while multi-tasking. With so much on a planner’s plate, it becomes difficult at times to remain focused on individual tasks which sometimes leads to event planners missing out on details that may be of value. So, how do you make sure that there are no distractions and you see you’re through smoothly?

Here are a few tips to help you stay focused while planning your next event:

1. Create an event planning checklist

The first step to getting started with your event is to prepare a roadmap that you can follow tentatively. Plan your entire event and your execution process in detail. It is best to create an event planning checklist of all the tasks you’re required to accomplish and the logistics for the same.

This will help you keep track of all that you’re required to do, all the tasks that are already done and the tasks you’re yet to accomplish. Having a direction to work in is really helpful in getting things done.

2. Make a timeline on an event

Once you’ve listed down all the work you’re supposed to get done for the event, prioritize each aspect of your event planning and execution and process. Based on your lead time, make a step-wise timeline of your tasks, giving yourself smaller deadlines to follow through to the event day.

You can make a roaster for the same or use digital tools such as event planning apps, digital calendars to team management software. Technology is your friend especially in case of shorter lead times with lesser distractions getting tasks done in a quick and simple way.

3. Meditate

It is no secret that meditation helps improve concentration. Event planning can be a stressful job. When you’re required to manage a dozen tasks all together on a deadline along with coordinating your entire event team, it is very much a possibility that things can get messy and hard to handle at times.

Take a few minutes every day to meditate and gather your thoughts. This will surely help you to concentrate better and be more productive.

4. Event software helps to manage files and tasks

A messy desk is never a good thing especially when you have to manage multiple documents, files and tasks in a shorter timeframe. The time you waste looking for that important document, looking through your messy pile of files, you could have spent in something way more productive.

It is best to stay organized in order to maximize efficiency. In simpler terms, the cleaner the desk, the more efficiently you get things done.

5. Divide your work into smaller goals

Divide your event agenda into smaller goals that you can achieve in shorter timelines. This way, you will ensure that you cover everything that is to be done and don’t miss out on more important tasks.

As I mentioned before, having a direction to work towards and knowing what all is to be done helps you stay focus, avoiding distraction. Having a set of smaller goals in the form of daily tasks helps you get done things faster and be more productive.

6. Don’t Panic – Relax

Burnouts are a major problem when it comes to event planning and management. The stress of the job can really take a toll on an event professional’s mental health. Being overworked and tired more than often leads to declining in the quality of work as well. Other times, it leads to procrastination, leading to delays.

You must take some time in between the mammoth amount of work that is to be done to just sit back and relax, even for a few minutes. Listen to music, watch a short video or just close your eyes and lay back for a while. Be sure to relax in order to get quality work done, breaking the monotony.

Delegate your work as and when required, get creative, follow these steps and take help from event technology as and when required. You’re sure to be more focused and productive leading to smoother event execution.

Final thought

You are probably already using software to plan and manage your events, but are your tools really saving you time? If you are relying on a mash-up of spreadsheets, email programs, and desktop publishing software, it’s probably time to invest in online event management system.

The best event management software puts everything you need in one place, making it easier for you to plan, market, and produce your event. It promotes engagement at every stage and gives you hard data along the way, helping you improve the ROI for your organization and your attendees.

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