[:en]Quality control and Quality assurance are two different aspects of quality management. Because some activities of quality assurance and quality control are interrelated, the two are often mistaken as the same. Quality Control is a subset of the Quality Assurance activities. These both are offered by web design company Dubai like inlogic IT solution. It is a well-known website design company Dubai has.

ضمان الجودة
Software Quality Assurance (SQA ) or Quality Assurance (QA) or) is a planned model of activities that are essential to give satisfactory assurance that a product adjusts to all prerequisites of software improvement. Software Quality Assurance completes the complete software development life cycle, and the main goal is to make sure that the development is refined continuously to generate products that satisfy specifications.

Software Quality Control
By Wikipedia, Software quality control is the set of procedures used by organizations to ensure that a software product will meet its quality goals at the best value to the customer, and to continually improve the organization’s ability to produce software products in the future. It mainly focuses on elements provided by quality assurance.

Difference between Software Quality Assurance and Software Quality Control
The scope of the two is very different from one other. Software Quality assurance tends to be more organized in breadth, mainly focusing on all software development efforts that occur within. Software quality control is a set of activities that focus mainly on monitoring the quality of a single software product provided by the quality assurance team as it is a subset of quality assurance.

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