What Is the Purpose of SAM?

Overview of the Purpose of SAM

What is the purpose of SAM?

The dynamic corporate world is powered by two things: assets and liabilities. As a result, in the long term, an effective firm is complete with employing software asset management technologies. The epidemic has been a grim reality but has also been a blessing for many people. Global company assets have increased by 11%. They will have a market value of USD 103 trillion by the end of 2020. With increased investments, there are several reasons to choose one. But first, you need to understand what the notion has for you and your business.

What Is the Definition of Software Asset Management?

Every method, process, or job that maintains, utilises, and improves software utilisation comes under asset management. SAM is a strategic technique that assists firms in complying with license agreements and avoiding software expenditures. Teams who are putting an effective Software Asset Management plan in place:

  • Keep track of their software subscriptions.
  • Maintain software licenses in good working order. 
  • Have a comprehensive understanding of the program and how they’re using it.
  • Have the information they need to make sound decisions about tool purchase or termination.

Overall, software asset management is a collection of excellent practices that assist you in monitoring and optimising your software ROI. 

What Does SAM Stand For?

SAM is an abbreviation for System for Award Management. There is no SAM.gov registration charge; you may register for free on the website. However, it is a time-consuming procedure, and making mistakes that might result in missed chances later on is simple. SAM is essentially a registry of vendors the government has authorised to do business with. SAM.gov also serves as the Federal Government’s payment platform. Hence, it allows them to pay a firm or entity after they have won a contract. InLogic IT Solutions can assist you in submitting your registration correctly the first time, allowing you to receive Government contracts as soon as possible.

Strategic Purpose of Software Asset Management

SAM provides several advantages, some more significant than others. Based on what we see throughout our enterprise customer portfolio, here are our top benefits selection:

  • Cost-Cutting Measures

You may find several potential IT savings with proper visibility and control of your software portfolio. Here are several examples:

  • Is your company over-licensed or over-subscribed?
  • Paying support for unused (or underutilised) products?
  • When and what software licensing agreements come up for renewal? How much runway must you prepare?
  • Is there functionality redundancy within the portfolio? Can you get rid of and combine particular products/services?
  • Are you purchasing from your major vendors outside of master or enterprise agreements?
  • Are enterprise agreement purchases based on negotiated pricing and discounts?
  • Are all software purchases throughout the organisation approved and carried out by IT sourcing policy?
  • Reduced Likelihood of Software License Audits and Penalties

The number of software licensing audits is rising, as are the fines imposed by providers. Vendors such as Microsoft, SAP, IBM, and Oracle use customers’ lack of insight into the software estate and awareness of product jargon. Companies that use robust SAM procedures and technologies have a better understanding of how software assets are deployed and used. Those who exhibit good SAM skills can lower their chances of a software licensing audit and prevent or decrease noncompliance penalty costs.

  • Optimisation of Licensing

The initial stage in optimising licensing and fees across the software portfolio is strong software asset management. As previously said, it aids in the elimination of overbuying and over-licensing. It also serves as a foundation for selecting the best-fit licensing types, including the most versatility based on current and future-state needs and reducing the risk of cost-related surprises.

  • Increased Security Posture

The efficiency with which you administer your software resources can directly influence your capacity to combat cybersecurity threats. Version-aware SAM procedures give insight into deteriorating assets that need to be upgraded or removed. They search for malicious software. They maintain approved user rosters.

  • Improved IT Asset Utilization

The transition to cloud computing has compelled businesses to reconsider how they use IT resources. How are IT applications and infrastructure used? How many users and at what capacity? Are any new or ongoing licensing or membership schemes better suited to the company’s present needs? Will changes in cloud computing strategy or server setup impact licensing? Effective SAM tools and practices are critical to these investigations and the cost modelling that goes with them.

InLogic Professionals Can Assist You in Navigating SAM.gov

We assist our customers in navigating SAM.gov to guarantee they have all the necessary information to complete their registration successfully. If your company wants to enter the government procurement game, we can help! Our service will assist in locating the appropriate bid. Further, our team will guide you through the full response process. We will also convert RFP language into simple English to easily get it. So, call us today for a free consultation or make an appointment using our contact page.

We look forward to making the process easy and practical for you!

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