[:en]A process of identifying the software‘s correctness by considering its all attributes (Re-usability, Scalability, Reliability, Portability, Usability) and texting the execution of software components to find the software errors or bugs is called Software testing. انلوجيك IT solution is one of the famous and reliable web design companies in Dubai which offers multiple services in software testing as well. Testing is only a few techniques to find out the correctness of the software under the customer’s requirement, during software testing we cannot find all the defects. The main goal of software testing is to detect failures of the software so that they can be corrected. It makes sure that the software is not working with some limited conditions. There are few benefits of software testing.

Testing the Performance of Your Software
After being out in the market and not working correctly will only bring shame to your company that is why it is very important to have your software tested before. If you introduce your software in the market without proper software testing, and the performance of it does not meet the requirements of the customer, then convincing people will be a hassle so avoid it beforehand.

Satisfying the Client
If before handing the software to a customer you have it tested by a team it will find the errors and complications by them using the software as a client and you will get time to rectify them. The market in present days is very saturated. If you don’t provide the client what he wants then he is going to choose another product of similar nature easily.

Checking Quality of Product
To ensure that the specific product comes to real-life following the client’s requirements you need to follow the details provided by the user after completing every stage. If you’re making software for iOS devices it should be compatible with it.[:]

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