Assets Management System For Your Business

Assets Management

An accurate, real-time asset tracking system is more important than a lot of companies realize. Unfortunately, companies who don’t have a handle on their asset management typically lose considerable amounts of money and time before they begin to seek a better solution. Fortunately we at Inlogic provide you with every asset management solution you need.

Why You Need Our RFID System?

The RFID system modernized the lengthy spreadsheets and bulky documentation. This technology is now used in every business be it retail, logistics, manufacturing, or even healthcare. There is a significant change in the market in the last decade and RFID systems are estimated to be worth more than thirty-six billion dollars by 2025 globally. RFID systems come in handy for inventory management. Here are some of the many benefits of using our asset management solutions.

Customized Software

You can get a customized software according to your need so that it is easy for you to get the results in no time. The data that you gather through RFID tags helps in knowing the patterns of sales, needs, product seasonality, and even estimated time of failure.

Cost Reduction

It can manage big warehouses very easily without any manual labor requirements. Due to our system, the unnecessary cost of ghost assets is minimized because the assets are counted via tags. The savings you make while using RFID systems help the company grow and also recovers the cost of installing the system in no time.

Time Management

RFID tags can be scanned multiple at a time, unlike barcodes which have to be scanned one by one. Smooth process that keeps all data flowing without human interference. It can manage large inventory quickly & efficiently without physically examining anything.

Workspace Potency

Because of RFID tags the inventory space is used to its full potential because the manager knows the availability and transaction of every item. The process is not manual so it is perfect for the new normal social distancing scenario. The assets are scanned without any physical touching so it’s a safe way of scrutinizing assets.

How Does It Work?



An RFID tag which will contain unique identification number and data about your items


RFID Database System

The tags are read and updated in the central system database at the same time.


RFID Reader

An RFID reader which has an antenna, and a handheld or fixed reader that will read the tags and get information


Real Time Data

The whole process is fast and reliable and the system will maintain the record for you without any hassle.

Why a Digital Assets Management System is Required?

What is required is a robust digital asset management system? There will be no mistake in buying anything in access, and you can track what item is causing the most expenses. It will give you visibility and control over the ingoing and outgoing things, and you can tune in to your needs and define the useless expenses.

Keep a Track of What’s Needed

Keeping track of all the things that come and go is tedious, but it is still important. Many small businesses don't even think about it, and this causes a leakage in their profits. The factor of wear and tear is something you need to monitor. You cannot continue buying chairs and other accessories without considering what is required.

Helps Save Time and Money

Assets management is important because it hugely improves the efficiency of the company. Instead of worrying and wasting time tracking where things are going, a look at the system will give you all the details, and you can utilize your energies toward creativity. The system gives you complete information transparency that hugely impacts your efficiency. No need to rely on human memory; the system will give you the accuracy of time and expenses.

Managing Things Manually is Hectic

Assets management is tedious if done manually, but if you get an asset management system, things become easier. You can keep a record of all your consignments, expenses, and the utilities, furniture, and machinery used within the business. It gives you visibility over the items you bought so that you can monitor when they expire.

Inlogic—The Ultimate Solution

You need to find the best asset management company to gain all the benefits mentioned above. Many offer this app, but getting the one that delivers the promises can be difficult. However, we can point out the right direction for you. InLogic IT Solutions has the perfect Assets Management system and can be further customized to meet your requirements. Their system is better because they design and develop softwares and know how to maintain them. The rest is your choice!

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