System for Award Management

The government procurement database is the System for Award Management (SAM). SAM registration is required for entities wishing to conduct business with the federal government. The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) handles the University of Washington’s SAM registration. It helps in applying for federal award funds for sponsored programs.

OSP is not responsible for managing Individual unit registrations relating to:

  • The provision of goods/services to the federal government.
  • And those utilized for student financial assistance.

What is the System for Award Management?

The System for Award Management (SAM) is a government-wide portal that combines the capabilities of numerous systems and information sources utilized by the federal government in the procurement and financial assistance (grants and cooperation agreements) processes. Phase 1 transferred the functionality of the Central Contractor Registry (CCR) and Excluded Parties List System, as well as other acquisition-related systems, to SAM.

SAM registration is free of charge. You can get further information on SAM on their website. You have an active record in SAM if you had an active record in CCR before migrating to SAM. You must first register in SAM to change the information in your CCR registration. If you receive an ONC award and need to know if an entity to whom you intend to grant a contract is suspended or debarred, you can enter the entity’s DUNS number or business name into the SAM search box.

What Is the Purpose of SAM?

To begin, suppliers must be registered in SAM to be given contracts by the US government. Registration entails supplying detailed information for procurement and financial activities. Afterwards, merchants must update or renew their registration yearly to maintain an active position. However, SAM can be used by anyone who wants to do business with the US government, including:

  • Contractors, federal assistance recipients, and other potential award recipients are entities. Everyone is looking for opportunities or assistance programs and reporting subcontract information.
  • Officials in charge of contracts, grants, performance reporting, suspension, and debarment.
  • SAM may also benefit businesses since it can be used as a marketing tool to promote their products and services. It is because agencies and contractors use SAM to choose businesses based on size, region, skill, ownership experience, and other characteristics.
  • Furthermore, SAM includes data from the Online Representations and Certifications Application (ORCA), a federal government web-based system. It compels vendors to disclose more extensive information, such as travel restrictions and accounting procedures. What is the significance of this information? To guarantee that organizations, corporations, and contractors follow federal regulations.
  • Finally, SAM is frequently utilized as a recruiting technique. Federal, state, and municipal governments use it to discover contractors and subcontractors rather than the other way around.

Who Needs SAM?

SAM is require for all enterprises and organizations who wish to do business with the US Government (contracts and grants). Checking and registering SAM ensures that ineligible vendors, organizations, and persons legally excluded, banned, or disbarred do not receive funding from the US Government. It guarantees that no material assistance or resources are offere to terrorists or terrorist groups.

At the prime award or sub-award level, registration in SAM is not necessary to:

  1. Individual awards
  2. Awards of less than $25,000 to foreign grantees for work undertaken outside the United States (as determined by USAID)
  3. Awards if the AO finds in writing that the conditions would jeopardize personal safety.

When You Need SAM Registration?

Before applying or proposing, businesses and organizations must first register with SAM. Moreover, prime contractors and beneficiaries must check SAM before acquiring goods and services or hiring personnel and advisors. Firms and organizations must also keep their SAM information up to date. After the first registration, it must evaluate and update the information at least once a year.

The Advantages of the Award Management System

The System for Award Management facilitates the listing and marketing government contractors to federal agencies. Additionally, federal contractors may search for and identify available government contracts and view historical contract award data. is a one-stop shop for federal contractors to do business, making contracting with government agencies considerably faster and more convenient. is extremely useful for government agencies to discover contractors for government-related projects. It enables government organizations to find contractors based on the talents they offer, their location, level of expertise, and other criteria. It guarantees they can pick the finest firm for the contract and that the most competent contractors are notice.

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