Best Dashboard Management System for Strategy Analytics, KPI & Project Management

Defining KPI

Ability to define KPIs on the basis of description, dimensions, X and Y axis, formulas etc

Data Visualization

Our state-of-the-art formulas help generate rich graphs that help in easily interpreting the visualized data

Role Management

Define different types of users and their roles along with the task allocation per each user

Information frequency

Select the frequency of how user wants the information to be generated

Create Unlimited Users

Admin can create unlimited users and sub-users who can access the system with ease through the portal

View Bottleneck

The system helps interpret the issues and helps decision makers solve the issue quickly

Data Comparisons

Compare user’s achievements with his targets along with his previous years achievements


Reports can be easily built, generated, downloaded in Excel/JPG/PDF and shared within the system

Live Data Updates

Users can view live updates to the changes in the formulas and don't have to wait for any approvals

Features of Dashboard Management System:

  • Simple Configurations
  • Compatible with All Browsers
  • Responsive Designs for Mobile
  • Create Smart Dashboards and KPIs
  • Instantaneous Display of Data
  • Simplified Data Analytics
  • Customizable Dashboard Display
  • Quick Export & Report Generation



InLogic Dashboard Management System has incredible data visualization tools and the ability to parse massive datasets. I can easily build dashboards and stories that can be shared with executives and other high-level stakeholders. Furthermore, Dashboard Management Software is great for producing team dashboards that can be used for tactical execution on projects. I also really like the ability to view so much data all at once and evaluate trends in the data. This allows us to make decisions much easier than what was previously capable using other software. Dashboards are also a really great feature because it allows you to combine many different visualizations into one view. From this view you can make the charts and graphs interact with each other so if your user is interested in only one category, the user can click on the category or filter to that category and all the charts on the dashboard will update accordingly. This dashboard tool is perfect for those companies that have a large number of databases and want to organize them immediately and accurately, in my case it is excellent to know statistical data sales and any other information that requires about vehicles, is a Business Intelligence platform that grows at enormous speed.

Paul – Director of Business Intelligence
Industry: Automotive

The first thing you’ll notice with InLogic Dashboard Management System is how easy and quick it is to load some data and get insights. Regarding the User Interface: the application is well designed and I felt like every button and function was where I would expect it to be. The program is responsive and fluid, you always know where you are and what you should do. Having said that, there is some learning curve to the many features, which are a good thing. The program is easy enough to create a histogram with a simple spreadsheet while also allowing for much more complicated statistics and good-looking charts, e.g. plotting geo-data, heat-maps, box-plots and so on. I especially like the ability to write your own aggregation functions and even more the dashboard where you can put different charts and statistics and build an interactive and dynamic kind of dashboard. The interaction works seamless. The program does not hesitate and performs really well, even with large quantities of data. Support is also pretty solid.

Rose – Business Analyst
Industry: Marketing and Advertising

I’ve been working in Business Intelligence for quite a long time and in the beginning, it was hard to explore data and show information in form of data visualizations for the end users. Since I discovered InLogic Dashboard Management System, this task turned to be much simpler and easier to achieve! The smart drag and drop design tools, the rich set of data visualizations customizable to the lowermost detail, the style and themes feature, turns possible to create rich and interactive dashboards in a breeze! InLogic Dashboard Software comes with an Export , Transform and Load layer, where you can clean and prepare your data, this is done using a canvas where you can drag your tables from a data source, choose the columns you want, aggregate them, join with other tables, filter and a lot of interesting features. It is a collaborative tool, with scheduled reports, based on a metric or not, you can even annotate data points, writing a comment on it in a way that others can see and respond to it! Every view can be exported to excel, pdf, image and even powerpoint. The management of the software is in the form all in one! everyhing is done in the application, from user creation object permissions, overall configuration, project exporting/importing and management!

Tiffany – Data Analyst
Industry: Information Technology
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