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Content Management System:

Event Registration

Create a seamless registration process for your attendees with our Online Registration Tool. Also, the CMS lets Admin to register attendees themselves with ease and convenience

Event Agenda

The CMS lets you publish the event schedule and divide them into sessions. With the CMS’ easy to configure and ready-made forms, Inlogic’s Event Management System lets you focus on making your event the best it can be

Badge Printing

On the date of the event, participants could just show the QR/Barcode and the system will fetch their details to print the badge and automatically marks them as confirmed attendees

Event Exhibitors

Keep your exhibitors updated with all your events. The CMS lets you create a registration page dedicated for your exhibitors and let them apply for all the events you are holding and will be holding anytime soon!

Event Management

Inlogic’s Event Management System covers every step of the event lifecycle from event marketing to registration up to the event’s reports. It automates the whole process making it easier

Event Sponsors

Manage the packages’ prices and inclusions for your sponsors and create an exclusive registration page for them which will then reflect their details on the landing page once approved through the CMS

Event Website :

Event Registration

Create a seamless event registration process with our online registration tool. Deliver a perfect registration experience and increase repeat event attendance. Our Registration platform is the most secure, easy-to-use, and highly customizable platform powering events of all sizes

Event Agenda

Manage events like never before. Inlogic’s Event Management System reflects the event agenda and its timeline, your speakers, sponsors and exhibitors’ profiles which you added through the CMS. Enrich the event’s details and attract more visitors!

Interactive Landing Page

Build a strong web presence for your events with the built-in event website builder. We combined a robust website creation platform with integrated event management software to help planners create modern event websites with ease with the need of any development

Event Countdown

The system comes with an automated countdown timer designed to tease and update attendees before the day of the event. This allows your attendees to know everything about the event even before the start and stay ready for the event

Event Mobile Application:

Native Mobile Application

A responsive mobile application that is accessible using all modern day’s devices and available on both iOS and Android Platform. It enables an event planner to keep their attendees informed at all times

Another Medium for Registration

The app is built to display all the events that user may opt to participate into

More Than Just an App

A platform that unifies the content you deliver to your audience – from desktop to tablet/smartphone and back again – allowing you to engage audiences before, during, and after your event

Google Maps Integrated

The app is integrated with Google Locations Services for users’ easy navigation in finding the event venue

The most difficult one is to communicate and engage other interest-holders and get feedback for proper rhythmic management. On a larger scale, all these activities can get out of hand or involve more people, leading to further confusion.

Software to Plan Events

Event Management Software is a tool specifically developed for event organizers for planning, execution, and managing events. This software is ideal for all sorts of events, from musical concerts, annual conferences, festivals, sporting events, and much more. An Event management system takes on all tasks in the entire lifecycle of an event, from planning and execution to reporting on the event.

It Manages Everything Regarding an Event

With the help of event planning software, you can create and design the event, manage budgets accordingly, communicate with sponsors, share the program with key speakers, and make further small teams to assign goals towards completion. An event management software is much like a project management system, in which you have to plan and organize different phases.

In an event management system, you have smaller goals to achieve before the main event. These can be defined as the milestones to be achieved. The system is especially useful for communication. The organizer can keep track of all the goals and milestones achieved. The organizer can add the sponsors or the key speakers so that they are aware of what is happening at all times.

There are many event management tools most of them are free. These tools enhance the functionality of the system. You can micro-manage many other modules, hence making management even easier.

InLogic IT Solutions—The Best Solution You Need

Amongst all the online event software, InLogic IT Solutions offers the most reliable system. Their Event Management System is a state-of-the-art technology that offers a robust event management system that can handle many smaller events before the actual event. It has many smaller modules integrated into the actual software. They have an Event Management CRM that enhances customer relationships. The registration module opens up a wider range of different vendors. It even has a smart attendance and confirmation badge tool.

Bottom Line:

Event Management Systems’ main aim is to ease the organization of any event. With this softwares, you can save a lot of time and utilize the time and energy more creatively. It also saves you a lot of resources because you can keep track of them with the help of this softwares.


Our Trusted Clients

Inlogic IT Solutions has provided our Events Management System to many big organizations like:



InLogic’s Event Management System revolutionized our events. It’s an all-in-one solution that simplified registration, increased attendee engagement, and boosted our ROI

Sarah – IT Coordinator
Industry: Management Consulting

We can only imagine organizing events with InLogic. Their system is robust, versatile, and continually exceeds our expectations, setting a new industry standard.

Alex – Marketing Manager
Industry: Financial Services

InLogic’s system is a game-changer. It streamlined our planning process, allowing us to focus on creating memorable events while ensuring seamless operations.

Johns – Business Development Manager
Industry: Apparel & Fashion
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