Features of Survey Management System:

  • Unlimited Surveys.
  • Create Surveys in Minutes
  • Customizable Templates
  • Customizable Questions
  • Real-Time Notification
  • Dynamic Survey Reports

Why Choose Us?


Find answers to your questions and start building a set of interactive questionnaires in quick and easy steps. It is possible now, thanks to Inlogic’s Survey Management System


Maximize Your Data’s Potential

Getting answers to your questions is just the beginning. Benchmark and find out what you’re missing out. Extract, analyze and understand these results to keep your business moving forward


Reach the People That Matter Most

Get in touch with your audience online. Reach them through different platforms such as email, mobile, chat, web, social media, and more


Dashboard & Analytics

With the data you receive, you can view real time dashboard statistics for all the surveys you send out to use them in any report you make. These analytics can help you with any research work you put after the survey

Why Choose Our Survey Management System?

Unlimited Surveys

Create unlimited number of surveys for different categories like customer satisfaction, market research, demographics and more

Direct Notifications

Receive real-time notifications on new survey respondents

Professional Surveys

Interactive and customizable survey templates added with fully customized questionnaires for you to share with your audience for feedback

Full Admin Access

Complete admin module to plan, engage and measure survey

Dynamic Reports

Review and generate dynamic reports on the number of respondents and survey results to analyze the results and also get to extract it in Excel/PDF formats

Archiving Features

See, analyze and or reuse past surveys



I was using a different platform for my surveys before, but recently, a friend had told me about InLogic Survey Management System. It was easy to use – the interface was easy to navigate through, there were different options for the type of survey you wanted, the shared link was readily available, you had palettes to choose from when designing. I was not limited to a number of questions and my favorite feature is there was live analytics. Overall, my experience with InLogic Survey Management System was better than what I was expecting. I was so used to doing my analytics after all the survey results have come in but now, it’s such a joy to see my numbers updated real time.

Emad – Digital Marketer
Industry: Information Technology

InLogic Survey Management System offers unlimited number of questions and participants, which are really useful when you have lots of questions to ask. Moreover, the live analytics function categories data in a very easy to read format so it helps us interpret data to insight faster. Unlike other online survey softwares, InLogic Survey Software offers very generous number of functions, questions and participants for their users. It is suitable for those who would like to conduct a survey and have a lot of questions and participants. In addition, their support team is very helpful and friendly. I contacted them twice for advice on functionality and they just provided excellent support and clarified all of my questions. If we happen to conduct a survey again, I definitely use InLogic Survey Management System again.

Monica – CEO
Industry: Food & Beverages

What I like most about InLogic Survey Management System is that it allows for the aesthetic customizations of surveys that many other softwares do not. That is, the options and settings available to the user are fantastic and allow for almost complete customization to ensure that your survey looks exactly as it should. Live analytics are also a very nice feature.  I really liked that I was able to immediately begin designing a survey. The tools were simply laid out and explained so that I didn’t feel like I had to read a software manual first. I was able to learn on the fly and find out how simple it was. That doesn’t mean that it didn’t have many features or let you dig deeper, it did all that to – but I found the interface easy and clean. Also, you can review and generate dynamic reports on the number of respondents and survey results.

Carlos – Managing Director
Industry: Events Services

There are several features that I really enjoyed while using it. Firstly, the designs all look really awesome. There are many different themes to choose from and all of them look wonderful. I can also set a front page to introduce myself and my work before people start doing the survey. It has made my survey look classy and appealing for others to do. It’s very easy and simple to create and use. Just drag your favorite style of question into the survey and you can simply edit with ease. There are also quite a lot of question types to choose, so it gives my survey more variety and fun to complete. It allows me to have unlimited questions. I really like this feature as it offers me an opportunity to develop my questions in depth and provides me a convenient platform to create something more academic to support my all projects. Overall, it’s a great experience to use this and I’m satisfied with the quality of my work.

Lubaina – Analyst
Industry: Research
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