Robotics Process Automation

Benefits of RPA

RPA Systems mimic

human behavior with no change to the existing infrastructure

It does not integrate

with the underlying software, it uses the software's user interface

Solutions can be

developed faster since they aren't dependent on underlying software

Type of Bots


Workloads are handled by three (3) types of bots. Bots are software programs that mimics the behavior of a human. They automate routine tasks and eliminate inefficiency. In Inlogic’s RPA, there are three types of bots for three different categories of tasks.

Task Bot

  • Used in Front-end Automation
  • Performs repetitive and rule-based tasks that rely on structured data

Meta Bot

  • It facilitates scalability with future integrations, If an application updates or changes, minimal edits to the bot are made

IQ Bot

  • It continuously learns and enhances the process automation
  • It manages fuzzy rules and processes unstructured data

RPA Development Methodologies

Inlogic IT Solutions follows a structured stage-wise implementation approach. This approach is aligned with the RPA Development Methodology. It gives the RPA solution a structured frame. To name, the RPA development methodology has four (4) distinctive stages:



Assess phase starts by investigating the process that could be automated.
The Stage ends with an assessment report that outlines the feasibility of the RPA project in more detail



Design phase starts by looking at which software vendor best fulfills the criteria outlined in the business case. During this phase, we would design the robot with the exact process. This stage ends with testing the robot



Approve phase starts with an approval process which is to be automated. It is followed by a thorough investigation and documentation of the process. The stage ends with a Business case being presented



In the Implementation phase, the robot is released into a working environment, mimicking an employee’s behavior. When deployed, business side monitors the robot and handles any exception.


What is RPA Robotic Process Automation?

It is a simple system and does not even involve any real robot. It is a simple automation process often used to do repeated and tedious tasks. The robotic automation of these tasks reduces human labor, and you can utilize the energies elsewhere.


Robotic Process Automation ends repetitive tasks and is used to make a digital transformation. These software robots can do what humans do in front of the screen without taking a break. They can identify screens, select the right keystroke, identify data, extract data, navigate systems and perform other predefined actions. It does not have any robots involved but is still called a robotic automation process because of its predefined actions.

Many people are unaware of the difference between Automation and Robotic Process Automation. Simply speaking, RPA starts where automation ends.

Predefined Tasks

Automation is based on AI, whereas RPA is based on predefined actions. Automation uses APIs, and RPA uses software bots to mimic human actions. Automation is based on softwares, and RPA works around User Interface without interacting with the underlying software. Automation requires the human touch, whereas RPA is programmed to eliminate the human touch.

Technically speaking, there is no real comparison between the two as both perform different actions. It is solely dependent upon the user and what system they want. It is not a question of what is better; it is a question of when it should be used!

We are in an automated era where everything is predefined and requires speed. Sitting down to do tedious jobs is a waste of time and energy. Use robotic process automation RPA to do these repetitive tasks and channel human energies into other useful and creative things.

Best robotic process automation software

Many software houses in the market offer robotic solutions, but we can tell you the best robotic process automation software that will not damage the underlying software. InLogic IT Solutions offer Robotic Process Automation that can be customized according to your needs. It will mimic the required human behavior without changing the existing infrastructure.

The RPA System by InLogic uses the softwares user interface without integrating the software. Using this method of not using the underlying software yields faster solutions. InLogic has a long history of IT solutions and has provided many automation and RPA systems. They know their way around with softwares and can deliver what they promise

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