[:en]Ramadan is an annual event observed by Muslims around the world. It lasts for around thirty days, during which Muslims fast between sunrise and sunset. The purpose of Ramadan is to focus on Islamic teachings, appreciate what you have, and give to the needy. After the period of fasting, Muslims celebrate Eid, which is a big event that involves feasting and entertainment.

Given the nature of Ramadan, it’s not a commercial enterprise like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, and Easter. Rather, it’s a great opportunity for event organizers to focus on the local community and invite them to participate in volunteering and charity events. We’ve rounded up ten great event ideas to inspire you for Ramadan.

Remember that Ramadan’s timing depends on the sighting of the moon, so make sure to check the calendar and plan well ahead of schedule. Without further ado, let’s look at a few Ramadan event ideas.

1. Iftar dinner party

Iftar is when Muslims break their fast after the sun has set. It’s also known as “fatoor” and is a great opportunity to host a dinner party, which you can combine with entertainment such as live Naat competition or comedy. Find inspiration in these iftar dinner ideas and learn how to set the table for Iftar so it looks nice for when your guests arrive.


2. Iftar cooking class

You could also host an iftar cooking class instead of the actual iftar. That way, you’ll spread the knowledge of popular Islamic dishes for Ramadan. Teach your students how to make Arabic bread, homemade hummus, and maybe a samosa or two for good measure. You could also organize the class itself close to iftar, so that everyone can learn to cook a new meal they can then use to break their fast.

3. Ramadan fundraising event

The purpose of Ramadan is twofold: appreciate what you have and give to those who don’t. That’s why it’s the perfect opportunity to organize a fundraising event. Decide on a goal for the fundraiser, such as Action Against Hunger’s drive to help the children of Yemen. (Remember that you can organize a free event with Inlogic’s Event Management System and use our platform to collect donations for your event.)

4. Ramadan volunteering event

Monetary donations can help those in need, but so can time and effort from those who are able to give. Host a volunteering event to help your local community. You can organize a group to feed homeless people or ask people to contribute with specific skills like healthcare and education.


5. Ramadan runs

It’s very difficult to run a full-length marathon unless you’re an athlete. But it’s particularly difficult to do it when you’re not an athlete and you’re also fasting. That’s what Ramadan Run specializes in, so you could take a page out of their book and organize your own version of the event.

6. Henna workshop

Henna is the practice that originates in South Asia, North Africa, and the Middle East. You create beautiful designs with dye, and many do this during Ramadan. So why not organize a workshop where you teach students how to create their own henna designs?


7. Ramadan carnival

Last year, the Islamic Society of South Australia held the first-ever Ramadan Carnival. The organization served delicious food and hosted lively entertainment to celebrate cultural diversity. You could organize a similar Ramadan Carnival in your local neighbourhood on a smaller scale.

8. Ramadan crescent moon hunt

If you’re looking for a family-friendly event idea, then look no further than the Crescent Moon Hunt. The premise is based on a potluck event where you invite the local community. You can then hide a crescent moon–shaped treat in the local area for the kids to find, just like an Easter Egg hunt.

9. Ramadan decorating party

As Eid approaches, it’s time to decorate for the big festivities. You can either organize a decorating party for the local community or host a crafts workshop where you teach students to create their own Eid decorations. Make sure you include a crescent moon in the mix.


10. Celebrate Eid al-Fitr

Eid al-Fitr (or just “Eid” for short) is the end of Ramadan. It’s usually celebrated for more than one day and involves fairs with food and entertainment. The main point is just to celebrate, so feel free to improvise and organize your own celebration of Eid al-Fitr for your local community.

Get ready for Ramadan

Hopefully, you now have more Ramadan event ideas than you can shake a stick at. Make sure you prepare in time for the Holy Month and stock up on all the necessary food items and craft supplies. It’s also a good idea to activate the local community. Ask them to help out with the organization of the event. After all, many hands make light work!


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