[:en]In today’s world, web browsers support a variety of programming languages, but some are considered core essentials, basic, and easy to use. These languages are read by all and are considered the building blocks of web development. Nowadays there are many companies in the web design agency Dubai category which offer different services like eCommerce web design Dubai and web development in Dubai they have professional full-stack developers who already have a good know-how of these languages but as you’re a beginner you need to consider these few things when choosing a programming language.

Same Domain
There are different types of problems and your project must cater to a different one so the language must be chosen based on the problem itself and then choose a language of the same domain. You can do so by looking for the same projects that have already been done and check the language the developer has chosen for it.

Targeted Audience
The first thing of project creation is to determine where your program will run. Not all languages can work with all browsers and platforms so you need to choose wisely where your program will run and choose a language that caters to it.

Different compilers work well with different languages. If you’re choosing a language see your compiler works efficiently with it not.

Size of Project
Some applications are made for a short time and some are made for a long time. If you’re creating an application for a longer term you will need to update it later as well. So choose a language wisely that will work well with your project.


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