What are the 7 Ps of Event Management?

It is a recipe for making an event from scratch that works. You may have discovered there are “7 Ps” to successfully expand your service, accomplish your aims, and meet your objectives while developing marketing plans. The 7 Ps of service marketing are Product, Price, Place, Promotion, Physical Evidence, People, and Process. The preceding components in the Ps change since event management is a service offered. 

Understanding Events and Their Significance

Like individuals, events come in a variety of forms and sizes. They can be small get-togethers or enormous multinational assemblies. They can also be traditional or distinctive and one-of-a-kind.

Let’s explore the 7 Ps in a way that applies to all types of events instead of delving too deeply into specifics. As you read on, you’ll also discover a few well-liked and essential questions to help you think back on your selection process.

  • Purpose 

First and foremost, what is your goal? Sales volume, lead creation, and brand development. Consider it, clarify it, and maintain your attention on it. You may use it as your compass during the whole planning process. Your goal will stay consistent since everyone in your audience signed up for the same experience, even if you are creating two distinct experiences: one for in-person attendees and another for virtual ones.

  • Place Plus Time

You are well aware of choosing the ideal venue for your in-person events. But it would help if you also investigated any possible schedule conflicts affecting your suppliers, partners, or attendees. Remember that people are still enjoying holidays, watching the NBA Finals, and remaining busy. So, don’t believe having a virtual attendance option makes your event date and time unbreakable. 

  • Partners

Get in early. Engage often. Congratulations on adopting elements of virtual events that are new to you! Make sure to budget for the additional time needed for training and communication with you and your exhibitors. To engage sponsors and pique their interest in the novel prospects that arise from a hybrid event concept, you should also get in touch with them sooner than normal. Your partners will find it simpler to spread the word about the event to their networks if they are on board and knowledgeable.

  • Plan

The secret to a successful hybrid event is well-planned multiple audience experiences and captivating content. Even if your guests may be there to study or purchase, they will only stick around if they are entertained. Grab their attention (especially while online) with brief content bursts, like twenty minutes at a time. 

  • Practice

If, on the event day, you discover that segments are running late or that a technological component needs to be fixed, all of your preparation work will have been for nought. Practise, practise, practise! Although it doesn’t make anything “perfect,” it does identify errors before they have serious consequences.

There will inevitably be hitches with a live virtual broadcast. So, ensure you have tech specialists assisting with the show’s backend operations. If you find any dead air moments during a practice, repair them. Consider a few pre-recorded segments if it improves the flow. Sponsor advertisements may make a fantastic segway.

  • Promote

Communicating the purpose you started with will be made easier with a clear message and a unified look. It will synchronize all your accessible platforms (social media, email lists, website), as well as any paid advertising or public relations you may engage in. Urge all new registrants and your partners to assist in spreading the news. Make sure you’re gathering contact details and keeping in touch with everyone in the days and weeks preceding the event, even if virtual participation is free of charge.

  • Post-show

You can and need to have a thank-you email prepared, even when you cannot send it to your guests beforehand. A prompt satisfaction survey is essential to assist you in determining what worked well and what has to be changed for the following time. Remember to follow up with your sponsors, suppliers, and other partners. They’ll likely enjoy your report on the attendance experience and have insightful comments to provide.

In summary

With effective promotion, your chances of success in the event industry are stronger than a snowball. It could be more attainable. Even if you have carefully planned your event and selected the ideal location, it will only be useful if you can attract attendees. Event planning and marketing must always work together, and marketing should always be included in the budget from the beginning.

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