[:en]I’m going to take a guess and say that if you’re currently running an awards program, you’d like it to be successful. Am I right?

Well, unfortunately, success doesn’t just grow on trees. Truly successful programs have to work hard to achieve the results they have. But the good news is, it’s not impossible. If you follow these ten tips, your program will be well on its way to making a name for itself in your industry!

1- Create a great awards website

Your awards website is one of the most important parts of your program and should be a big focus in the preparation of your call for entry. In creating an informative and easily navigable site you can guarantee that any visitor’s questions will be answered, and that they can become familiar with your program’s legacy and credibility within the industry.

2- Choose a good foundation

Use an awards system and process that saves you time, makes you look good, and, most importantly, is easy for every participant in your program. InLogic Award Management System, for example, has been designed to provide exceptional experiences to all program participants. The platform encourages more submissions from entrants, provides judges with an experience they actually enjoy and enables program managers with all the tools to keep everything running smoothly and stress-free.

3- Plan an accurate and appropriate program calendar

Timing is critical for all awards programs. If your call for entry is too short, you may lose out on potential applicants. If you plan your gala near a holiday, no one will show up. Many programs make the mistake of approximating timelines for their awards instead of taking the time to plan things out carefully. What results is a lot of pushing back deadlines, rearranging tasks, and general craziness.

Remember to plan well ahead of each stage of the award process. Have clear entry and closing dates, judging rounds, and winner announcements. Make sure each phase is set up in advance.

4- Find well-respected judges

Finding the perfect judges for your awards program is essential, as they can be a huge source of publicity for your awards program. Having a judge who is well known for being an expert in her industry’s field, will greatly add to the value and prestige of your awards program. And on top of the prestige, it also lends legitimacy to your program.

5- Infuse credibility into your program

From offering program security features to plagiarism detection, be sure your program is credible form the start. InLogic Award Software offers built-in protections for your participants that includes audit logs, plagiarism detection, the ability to judge anonymous entries, and registration requirements for entrants.

Another good way to add credibility to your program is to invite big names in your industry to judge your program. This is ideal for influencers who want to give back to their industry through judging and great for your program’s credibility and branding.

6- Reach out to awards experts

Running an awards program isn’t easy. One of the best resources you can have while managing the program is an awards expert at your side. InLogic Award Management Software immediately connects you with a Client Success Manager who’ll help every step of the way with proven techniques to get your program up and running in no time at all.

7- Market the awards program

Have a dedicated marketing page for your awards program. You’ll want to entice people to enter, highlight the awards, and put your brand and your sponsors’ branding front and centre.

8- Communicate often, with everyone

Send broadcasts to remind people about entering, to remind people to finish their entries, to instruct judges about entries, and to thank your sponsors.

9- Provide publicity

Awards programs are ideal for year-round publicity. Find appropriate media partners who will bring positive press and buzz to your program, your participants and you!

10- Get social

Awards programs were made for social media. You can do this before, during and after your awards event. People love sharing recognition and this positive social currency will be a boon for both your program participants and your brand. Think about this from the very start and create a hashtag for your awards or the awards event/celebration.

11- Celebrate the winners

Time to celebrate! Now is the time to recognize all the finalists and winners in the program. You could throw a traditional awards gala or perhaps consider something a bit more unconventional. Create a video featuring the winners and finalists. Or have the winners come together to work on a project that moves the community forward.

12- Tie it all together with awards software

When preparing for your program, one of the big struggles is staying organized. Different parts of the program are dealt with on a variety of systems, which can quickly become a tangled mess and more often than not, your awards staff gets overwhelmed and frustrated.

To remove these hassles, more and more organizations are turning to Awards Management Software. It provides one online system that tracks, stores, and manages all stages of submission and judging. That means no more spreadsheets, binders, or form-builders. The entire awards process is streamlined and hassle free for entrants, administrators, and judges.

Award Management System by INLOGIC

InLogic is an efficient company that delivers the affordable Award Management Software in Dubai that is consolidating the multiple capabilities of the systems and sources of information. It is accurately perfect for both the acquisition and financial purpose. The Award Software is the perfect selection to reduce the workload and cost. It helps you in managing the award on time and effectively.


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