[:en]The truth is that there is no best solution, just the right solution you need. But we believe that with InLogic’s Award Management System, we have developed the one who complements all the right possibilities. When choosing a new system for award management, you must do objective research before a decision is made. So, with this guide we give you a tested methodology on how to choose the solution that is right for you. It will provide you with a comprehensive list of things to pay close attention to and will point out some pitfalls you’ll want to avoid.

Reasons to use awards management software

No event organization can take place without the use of the right tools. The market for modern event technology offers you a shortlist of the most convenient tools for organizing events. There are plenty of reasons why you should use them sooner rather than later. Here are the main reasons why:

  • Manage awards opportunity pipelines.
  • Accept entries for awards.
  • Provide communication channels between applicants and the company.
  • Use functions for award life cycle management: planning, public voting, judging, award results, etc.
  • Take advantage of reporting features.
  • Offer dynamic sponsor promotion options.
  • Arrange flawless check-in and ticket procedures, etc.

Make sure you offer communication channels between applicants and the business through software that you find useful.

Five main features of Awards Management System

An awards management software is a real lifesaver for any program manager. As such, it must have many useful features. We can’t all list them here, but we’ll focus on those you can’t do without if you really want to automate and streamline your work as an awards manager and thrive your awards.

1- Simple application process

Simple application process is actually the result of a few interconnected functions. It consists of fast and simple online registration and individual online working portals that allow applicants to save their submission and resume work whenever they want. This is a guarantee of an increase, not only of the quantity, but also of the quality of the entries you receive.

2- Automated communication

A huge time saving you can’t do without. For example, InLogic’s Award Management System has already set up email templates for successful registration, successful payment, canceled registration, and new court invitation. You can customize them at any time. You can also create emails for pending submission or judge reminder or for submission sent/accepted/rejected/shortlisted. If the conditions are met, InLogic’s Award Management Software sends them for you – you do nothing. In addition, you have the option for custom emails.

3- Customizable and simple online evaluation

An important function when it comes to awards management platforms. With the software you choose, your evaluation method should be easily set up and implemented. InLogic’s Award Software, for example, offers multiple assessment rounds each with their own set of customizable rules. It has several voting options: popularity votes, simple assessment option, points voting and score voting. Secondly, you have to make sure that it is easy to assign submissions to the judges for assessment and that they get a personal online review portal.

4- Real-time analytics and report dashboards

If you love us – a result-oriented freak, you will not only love it, but insist on having real-time analysis and reports. InLogic’s Award Management Software allows you to track and monitor the input volume and status, are viewing the progress and evaluation results and results of special offers via easy-to-scan real-time dashboards. This allows you to respond quickly if something doesn’t run as planned. You can also see what works and what’s not when it comes to your marketing efforts. This is a tested formula for both the smooth-running and growth of your awards competition.

5- Marketing tools

Last but not least, the features that help you boost your sales with a lot – promotional codes, special offers and conversion triggers. Imagine being set up, managed, shown and used through your awards management platform.

Tips for selecting the right Award Software

We have set out several steps to choose the awards software you need to make the right choice for generating ROI events:

  • Select the system with a free trial option.
  • Perform a trial and carefully review workflow results.
  • Focus on your goals and make them SMART.
  • First, set up a clear process.
  • Put function first to keep the process simple.
  • Don’t always trust the sales pitch.
  • Choose software with a review module.
  • Avoid excessive implementation of tools.

Test and use trial runs before making final decisions and connecting.

InLogic Award Management System: the best awards management software to use

As a web-based and mobile-ready award software, we try to transform awards management into simple, transparent and credible processes. Inlogic Award Management System is an online assessment system designed to enable awards organizers around the world to easily set up awards and competitions. View the full software review.

Call to action

Choose different solutions that match your reward program to succeed with your choice. Please contact us if you need more specific awards management help.

How to get started

With InLogic Award Software, it’s easy to register and use because no specific skills are needed. The interface is user-friendly and very simple. When you sign in to your award software account for the first time, you will be led to the welcome screen. Click the “Create a new event” button to create your own awards event. That’s all! You will then see the event wizard appear, which includes some steps to complete the initial installation phase for the event details.

Benefits you get

If you keep an eye on awards software’s option, that’s definitely for a good reason. It is simple, powerful and flexible and provides visibility and control in combination with well-integrated features. This is the award software if you want to have a great judging experience. With his help, you can grow your awards while saving time, effort and budget, especially when you organize small-budget events for universities or nonprofits. If you are interested in a great user experience in managing awards contests, this is the right choice for you!

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