EasySales – The all-in-one app to solve all your sales challenges is finally here!          

Until the early 20’s, the most rapidly growing organizations did not possess a centralized customer relationship management system. Branch employees used several front-end applications during everyday customer service. They had to log into each system separately and often enter the same customer data into more than one system. Worse, is that they had to undergo time consuming and costly surveys to fully understand the market and what it really wants. And by these “wants”, we are referring to million-dollars opportunities to build an empire that shapes these wants into necessary needs.

Employees managed their time and contacts using personal calendars and notebooks. Taken together, this meant that the sales process was inefficient, with employees spending too much time repeating tasks they had already completed in another application. In addition, Management was dissatisfied with sales planning, monitoring, and reporting processes. The lack of a sales process management system meant that setting sales targets for particular employees in the company’s extensive branch network was extremely time consuming, while sales representatives wasted significant amounts of time creating sales reports manually. These companies lacked a comprehensive marketing campaign management solution.

The main challenges for growing industries

In the late 20’s, various organizations and industries began an intensive search for a solution that comprised a Single Front End application for employees directly involved in customer relationship, a sales process management system, and a multi-channel marketing campaign management application. The most important requirements that the sought-after CRM system was expected to meet were a high level of user-friendliness and quick access to a broad range of customer data. Another essential requirement was that the solution be capable of serving multiple channels, allowing for the collection and presentation of consistent information regardless of the communication channel utilized by a customer in contacting the company.

The solution and implementation

At present, Inlogic IT Solutions came up with EasySales Application. An application that will overcome all of the above-mentioned challenges. This Inlogic-authored solution could replace several separate applications and is the vital sales tool for all employees and management.

Automate your daily business routine and unlock your business’ ultimate sales potential.

The structure of this chosen solution will allow organizations to optimize the flow of information. Sales results, the fulfillment of sales plans, and the quality of customer service, are available simultaneously at company’s headquarters, regional offices, and for branch directors.

Business benefits of EasySales App

Inlogic IT Solutions has created a solution that allows any company at any industry to effectively execute a strategy based on treating customers as individuals, and a high quality of offered services. The comprehensive tool for sales representatives improves service quality and time management (by prioritizing planned activities and contacts).

The application gives access to aggregated customer data, enables offers to be customized to customer profiles, and allows for the rapid identification of potential customers interested in particular products. This solution transparently presents the division and current fulfillment of sales plans to all authorized users. It simultaneously raised the quality of customer service and customer satisfaction. Our solution focuses on what is most important in contemporary sales: the effectiveness of processes, the efficient use of information, and effective and personalized sales campaigns.

InLogic offers you the best sales app to support you in growing your business availability and visibility among the target audience. Select your package now and enjoy your own business application by merely following few steps. Our team is skilled and delivered the best product to clients.


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