Best Certification Software for International Certification Bodies

[:en]InLogic Certification System is the premium quality certification management software, combining integral pieces of the certification process into one cohesive solution resulting in a more efficient and scalable accreditation process.

InLogic Certification Software is an all-in-one software platform that lets your organization collect and review any type of application and provide for online review. InLogic Certification System knows accreditation. proud provider of Certification System to International Certification Bodies like Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS), Gulf TIC IMQ and TUV SUD. So, we can say with confidence that our software contains most of the functionality accrediting agencies require–right out of the box.

But if you need extra features, our developers can customize the software to meet your requirements. We have created functional elements of a certification management system in order to serve organizations of all sizes and budgets. We also have the ability to configure the elements of your certification management software and implement enhancements so that certification system works best for you.

Features of Certification System

For Applicants

Applicants would visit the certification body e-services page and after necessary steps of registration and login select the certification, he/she needs to apply for. After that applicants will fill out the application forms and upload the required documents for verification. Submit your application and pay application fee if required. Applicants can receive back the incomplete applications that are rejected by admin. The applicants can resubmit returned application with correct information and documents.

 For Admin

After submitting the applications by applicants, the admin will review and monitor all applications. Validate the application and check if all documents required are present. After that admin will approved the application for next phase or return incomplete applications with remarks. Admin can also send payment link or invoice to applicants. Admin can perform the certification checklist. Admin can close applications if required number of applicants are complete. Admin can manage the users, access roles and categories.

For Conformity Engineer

The conformity engineer can also receive and review applications. Conformity engineer cab verify the documents and return the incomplete or invalid applications to Admin or directly to the applicant with remarks with send back option. Conformity engineer can perform the certification checklist for approval. If there is Non-conformity, he/she can send back to the applicant. Otherwise, conformity engineer can give a recommendation. After that conformity engineer will give recommendation for certification approval to Senior Engineer (Certificate Draft Automatically Generated).

For Senior Engineer

The senior engineer can also receive and verify the applications. Senior engineer will check the procedure of applications submission and the categories. Senior engineer can also return incomplete or invalid applications to conformity engineer or directly to the applicant with remarks. The approved applications are forwarded to Head of Section.

For Head of Section

Finally, in the last phase the head of section verify the documents and return incomplete or invalid applications to senior engineer or directly to the conformity engineer with remarks. After all that for approved applications the certificate will be automatically generated and forwarded to the applicants.

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