Badge Printing For Events

Being recognized is an essential part of attending any event. Your company has to give a lasting first impression and what else stands out better than a creatively designed badge that is noticed by everyone at the event. People will reference event badges many times whether it is entering the event, getting access in the restricted areas, or just communicating with one another. These badges are not just there for identification purposes they help in branding a company, boasting the staff morale, and then ultimately leads to an increment in sales. There are hundreds of people with identification badges so you need to be a little creative with yours for it to stand out in the crowd. The key benefits of having a good and smartly designed event badge are listed below.

  • Security

Event badges are created for security purposes. Employees get identified by them and this could prevent extra and intra-organizational thefts. They prevent unauthorized people from entering restricted places and also any kind of espionage. The QR code on the badges helps to manage the staff data as well.

  • Recognition

The event badges are not just for identification it is like a business card that you are wearing. This will give the recognition your business needs in a room full of potential customers. They are your introduction in a broader market so they should be able to carve a lasting impression on attendees.

  • Cost-Effectiveness

Many platforms are providing badge printing services in a reasonable price range but are wise while selecting one because you don’t want to compromise over quality. These badges usually are an investment and they quickly overshadow their cost by bringing more business to the company.

  • Brand Promotion

The ultimate motive behind printing a whole lot of event badges is company promotion. People will see your creative eye-catching badge and be compelled to have a look at your product. It’s a very easy and fast way of getting recognition in the market. You can add your social media handles for the further boasting of your company.

  • Customer Satisfaction

Studies show that we can trust people whose names we remember. So with the badges providing information like name and company details, it is more likely for the customers to ask questions and seek help from employees wearing badges. They are great conversation starters and you build customers’ trust when they know who they are talking to.

As you know the importance of event badges you should consider the ways about making them stand out. Here are some tips on how you can make your event badges exceptional.

  • Unique Cut

Be creative while selecting the main design of your badge and think out of the box. Try to avoid generic square rectangle shapes and get something that represents what your company relates to. For example, a hexagon shape for a bee sanctuary. The shape of your card is going to get noticed first so you should choose that carefully. Don’t go for pre-cut cheap options treat your event badges like an investment to attract more clients into your business.

  • Use Good Material

Always choose good stuff for your badge because first impressions are the main ones. Focus on the quality of paper, holder, and lanyard so it all comes beautifully together. A glossy ink will do magic as it is easy to pop out and look good. Using a water-resistant paper or cardholder is also very cardinal because it increases the shelf life of your badge. The lanyards should be adjustable so every staff member can customize them according to personal choice.

  • Aesthetically Pleasing

The layout of your badges should be designed carefully. Try to get a graphic designer on board who knows his designs well. Select the colors that match your company’s aesthetics and get your logo printed in the background. Use colors in contrast so the text on top is easily readable even from a little distance. Don’t make the font too large or too small, select the font carefully so that it won’t interrupt the overall vibe of your badge.

  • To the Point

Your badges should contain only important information like the name of the person wearing them, identification number, company name, and basic tagline of the business. Anything longer than one line should be avoided as it’s not feasible for anybody to read long descriptions from a badge. QR code is very important as it contains all the crucial details. Place the QR code on the front side so it’s easy to scan. It all depends upon your company’s needs but the general rule is, if it’s not highly important then don’t print it.

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