Event Management Software Features

The most time-consuming and tedious task of planning an event is to make sure everything is coordinated. There are so many things to handle at once when you are an event manager and at times you will find yourself in the middle of chaos because of the amount of work your job requires. Well, technology has solutions for every modern-day problem, and event management softwares which is used to manage different aspects of organizing an event is the fittest solution for you. Some softwares provides complete coverage from planning and event to the management of post-event stages while others are focused on specific processes like ticketing or registration etc. It completely depends on your needs and budget what features you want for your customized event management software. It is evident from research that more than 80% of event organizers use custom mobile applications for their businesses. There are many event management softwares available in the market but you have to focus on the features and what you need while selecting one. Here are some of the must-have features that event organizers want in their softwares.


The first and foremost part of any event is to make sure the registration process is smooth and easy to access. This process should be easy enough for the attendees so that their interest should be maintained in the event. This feature should include smart listing so that the admin can identify and categorize people easily. It will help you to give a more accurate and customized event experience to your guests which leads to more participation and more revenue.

Secure Ticketing

Tickets are the biggest part of revenue generation in every event and your software must provide hassle-free ticketing service. Organizers should be able to list and update their ticket types and availability with ease and the process should be secure enough for the customers for online payments. The option of listing different types of tickets should be available so that the buyer has more options to choose from. The option of adding promo codes and deals must be available and accessible without any lagging. The transparency of this process is essential because this is your first impression on the guest and also its importance in the revenue generation is undeniable.

Data Management and analysis

The management of attendee’s data is very crucial because it carries many valuable insights. An event management system which offers a deep data analysis service should be your priority. With the help of these data reports organizers can plan their marketing strategies and make pivotal decisions on time. The real-time syncing of all the data is also a significant part of an event management software and it should also have an onsite check-ins service to assist the guests.

Data Security

With the increment in online registration and management of events, the possibility of data theft and hacking is increasing day by day. You should choose software that can ensure data privacy and follow the security protocols for your event’s data. A fully secure event will allow management to stop worrying about data theft and hacking attempts. Vendors also prefer a secure and protected system for their investments.

Mobile Application

Many event management platforms offer a built-in custom application to go with your on and off-site requirements. The applications must include registration details, a map of the event site, important information on special seminars, and all the news regarding this specific event. The application should be fully functional with all the important information and live chat features. The more you make it easier for the attendees the better revenue and reputation it will make. Try keeping the mobile application as interactive as possible and include push notification and reminder features into it. People should relate and feel connected to the event by using the app.


Event marketing softwares are popular and provide event managers with a vast range of services these days. As an organizer, you should try to pick software that offers an interactive, innovative, and user-friendly built-in website. Choose something which is fully customizable to add features and updates on time. A good professionally made website will not only give credibility to your event it will enhance your digital presence. You can advertise your sponsors and communicate with your clients with a much better executive approach.

Badge Printing

You should choose a product that will scan the QR codes and just print the badges for attendees on the day of the event. Badge printing and scanning services are something you can’t compromise on. The ultimate motive behind printing a whole lot of event badges is company promotion. People will see your creative eye-catching badge and be compelled to have a look at your product. Try selecting a software that lets you customise your event badges and there will be no lag in printing.

Sponsors Exposure

Any platform that provides good exposure to its sponsors will be your first choice. Get something that is interesting, innovative, and very eye-catching for your event. Your sponsors will need maximum product exposure at the event and a good event planner will know how not to overdo it. Your website and application should have a specific page just for registering sponsors and their stats. Selecting software that allows customizable branding is a good idea.

In the end all that matters is a successfully exhibited event and for that you should follow the guidelines listed above and choose a perfect event management solution for your event. You can try us at  https://www.inlogic.ae/products/events-management-system/ for a seamless but innovative experience.

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