How Do You Keep Track of Multiple Events?

It’s challenging enough to plan an event. Organising several events at once may be stressful! There are many things to manage, and one error (such as assigning a caterer to the incorrect location) might spoil many events.

However, if you prepare ahead of time and think carefully, event planning may get simpler as you manage multiple events. Here are some pointers for handling several events well. Try these strategies to become more strategic in your approach. All of them have aided in helping event organisers to manage their hectic schedules better.

4 Simple Ways to Keep Tracking of Your Multiple Events   

  • Schedule the Promotion of Your Event

It might be challenging to keep track of which Facebook Events you’ve made and which ticket sales launches need to be announced when advertising several events.

Solution: You can map out your marketing and advertising initiatives on a timetable using a promotional calendar template for events. You may use this template to track when to send out email invites, social media posts, and paid advertising campaigns for each of your events.

  • Make Templates for the Emails You Send Out Most Often

Preparing emails for events might consume a significant amount of your day. Thus, creating fresh email text each time you send a message to your lists is inefficient.

Solution: The answer is to template the emails you send out most frequently, including invitations, purchase confirmations, and last-minute reminders. Your team’s whole content development process will be automated, saving you time. 

  • Plan and Automate Your Marketing for the Event

You only have a little time for the things that matter, like your event experience. Much of your time is spent manually setting up and implementing marketing methods.  

Solution: Use automation to streamline your event marketing plan. Your team can plan all of your social media promotions at once. Rather than spending their time constantly checking and exiting social media, your team members might be using that time to devise fresh approaches to enhance the experience of attendees.

  • Planning Is the Key to Stay Organised

Though it may seem apparent, the key to being organised when organising several events is to prepare ahead and come up with fresh ideas for time-saving. 

Solution: Prioritising your planning and setting attainable goals can help you fully dedicate yourself to the tasks you know you can do. By sticking with the same suppliers, you may simplify things and do your tasks more quickly and effectively. Using onsite printing and name badges can help you stay organised during your event. Even though organising several activities at once is never always complex, there are strategies to keep your daily planner in control as you go. 

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