In today’s world, a customer has an infinite amount of options available when it comes to e-commerce platforms. People don’t have much time to try each option so the pressure on the creators of e-commerce platforms is real. So, for staying in demand and creating a loyal customer base every online retail store should follow the latest trends and techniques for their businesses. Having a mobile application and an e-commerce website might be a milestone for your business but keeping those alive and relatable is the real achievement.

Engaging the customers is not an easy task as according to researchers the average cart abandonment rate is more than 65%. you need to apply very specific and precise strategies to reach your target audience and that is where smart and effective marketing comes into the picture. We have compiled some of the most important and effective marketing strategies for your e-commerce platform. By using these strategies you can make a loyal clientele and will be able to engage and attract new buyers to your platform easily.

Quality Content

The first thing that can make any platform a successful one is its content. Fill up your website with quality content that is audience-centered and will make them want to interact and purchase with your platform. Be creative and original when it comes to the content of your platform and pay extra attention to spellings and grammatical errors. Add your business vision and important information about your policies and the company but make it short and precise. Define products in a way that users will find them easily and also add an FAQ section below the products to guide the customer better. To add rich content to your website do add blogs on the topics of interest of your target audience. The quality of content in your blogs, newsletters, and even social media posts will reflect your determination towards the platform. It will attract new customers and keep the existing ones interested in your service.

Innovative Yet Simple Design

You should make sure that the layout and overall design of your website are easy and simple to check out. Easy processes will automatically make a user inclined to buy the product so the language and procedure should be simple enough for the users. The innovation in your product display and listings should be enough to engage the customer. Try to do a little research about what are the most attractive parts of your website on which the user spent his most time and focus on them. The design and language of your e-commerce platform will have a huge impact on its marketing plan so make sure it is attractive for the users.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is the most powerful marketing tool these days. It not only allows you to market your products but also gives you a chance to interact with your customers directly. You can use social media to generate engagement and increase traffic on your e-commerce platform. With social media marketing, you can reach a larger audience without spending a fortune. It is a very economical and effective option for creating a buzz and then helping in building a loyal customer base. You can utilize different social media platforms according to your needs and create a rich presence of your brand there to attract customers. The only thing that is needed in social media marketing is consistency. To have positive marketing results you have to be consistent on social media so people will remember your posts. You can post according to the interests of your target audience to gain their attention and engagement on your social media content. You will develop and maintain brand recognition and authority by making sure that your outreach efforts are focused and unified about the final objectives and communication style.

Email and Text Marketing

Email marketing has been proven to be one of the most results-driven marketing tactics in the past and your e-commerce platform can use this also. It’s been around for quite a while because it works and reaches your audience most effectively. You can easily try to retarget clients by using email marketing. Target buyers with promotions and ongoing deals on the products that are created according to their buying patterns. Write engaging emails stating how your products will benefit the customers and lure them in with discounts and offers. Offer new customers a first order discount and return a loyalty one and make them your regular clients. Use a popup notification feature for emails and text messages and be a little creative with how you phrase a message. People on the e-commerce sites often fill up their carts and leave them at the checkout window so use the data and remind them via email about the cart. Try to sell by asking why they left? Or they can still avail of the discount. Keep your email and text messages very specific and try to make them as personalized as you can. Make sure to monitor the results or analytics of your email and text marketing to design further marketing strategies.


Running a successful e-commerce marketplace is no joke and you will have to face the issue of less traffic from time to time. You can overcome this problem by optimizing your website with the proper keywords to increase traffic. You can incorporate keywords in your product listings and descriptions and also in blogs. Include frequently asked questions in your website to include as many keywords as you can. Use the semantic search and incorporate similar phrases and search trends to make your website the most visited one. Search engine optimization is something that will not only help your website to appear in searches but will gain you more clients and you can measure your success with SEO analytics. Search engine optimization is one of the most rewarding and promising marketing strategies you can apply on your e-commerce platform and it is cost-effective too.

PPC Advertising

PPC or pay per click is the type of advertising in which companies pay for every click their advertisement receives. PPC advertising is very important as it enables you to engage users on your page which ultimately leads to an increment in sales. You can measure the success of your PPC campaign by doing a comparison of the cost of the ad and the amount of traffic and sales that the ad generated. This is the same advertising model used by social media advertising in which ads will appear on the user’s timeline. This is a paid advertising model and it proves to be very effective. You can use this model to kickstart your e-commerce platform or to have larger traffic on your website.

Mobile Friendly

It is very important to make sure that your website is responsive and it can work in any layout, especially mobiles. People are now more inclined towards doing online shopping on their mobiles than any other device so if your website doesn’t work properly on the mobile it will become an issue to annoy the user. To provide a smooth and satisfactory experience for every user you should always try to make your website mobile-friendly.

Value your Reviews

People trust the advice of their fellow customers and reviews are the easiest way of getting that. Reviews are also built around the trust of your clients in your online store and products. They will help others decide what to buy based on their experiences. When your product has plenty of five-star reviews its sales begin to lift and people buy it without any doubt. You can ask about the feedback in emails also that will give buyers the confidence to share their experience more openly. Many successful online marketplaces offer incentives like store credits and reward points in exchange for reviews. Respect the needs and suggestions of your clients and do changes according to them to be on top of your customer’s list.


Designing a successful marketing strategy for your e-commerce platform is tricky but very doable. Just be creative with your strategies and try not to go overboard while marketing. Make correct use of social media and search engine optimization and follow the latest advertising trends to stay relevant with your audience. With all the marketing strategies applied make sure to listen to the clients and make your platform as customer-centric as you can to ensure a smooth and satisfactory user experience.

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