10 Secrets For Successful Mobile Application

In today’s digital world everyone has their little world inside their mobile phones. People have their preferences set for mobile applications and are always looking for new trends. Mobile marketing tactics are becoming more and more competitive. In this time of competition, it is very difficult for app developers to get their apps accepted and adopted by a larger audience. When you scroll through any app store you can see an overabundance of useless mobile applications that are not being installed by the users. So, you need to follow specific guidelines to make your app stand out in the pool of so many alternate options. Here are some tips on how to make an app successful and popular with your target audience.

Critically Evaluate the Idea

You need to critically evaluate when an idea pops into your mind for an app. There are thousands of similar apps available in the market and you need to think about something unique. List out the pros and cons of your idea and figure out a way to distinguish it from what is already made and available on the app store. You must understand the market value and unique selling point (USP) of your application. The name you decide for your application is also very essential for its success so try to name it SEO friendly.

Market Research

When you finalize an idea the next step should be market research. Try to narrow down similar applications to evaluate your competitors. It is very crucial because Google play store alone has more than 3million applications available. So, you need to find a way to make your app different and appealing to your target audience. Study the latest trends and know what features are needed and what are outdated. Build your app carefully based on strong research to see the required results. You could also try to study the market niches to figure out what niche you want to target. Make proper research strategies and work further based on the results of your analysis.

Target audience

You should try to identify and define your target audience. Know the age group of your users and conduct research on their likes and dislikes. Defining your audience will have a huge impact on your business as they are the ones who are going to install and use your products. Your app will get popular instantly if you meet your user’s expectations. By knowing your audience you can manage to design a marketing strategy that will be targeted just towards them.

Make it simple

The look of your app is very important for the user so make it innovative but make sure not to go overboard with the features and design. Keep the user interface to the point and simple so it is user-friendly and minimalistic. You have to follow specific guidelines of google play store and apple store regarding design to be featured there. Include some personalized settings like theme and font change for users so they can set it according to their aesthetics. A little personalization goes a long way as the user feels connected to the app. The design must be responsive enough to avoid any lag and delay for the user. Add some sound effects, graphics, or animation to make the app aesthetically pleasing and enjoyable for the user. Try to be creative while being simple and make your app sophisticated so it won’t become overwhelming to use.

Use Social Media Integration

Everyone is on social media these days and it has become the most effective marketing point now. So, use social media to spread the word about your app and market it directly to your target audience. Make sure to use all social media platforms and integrate all of them in your app so the users can share it through them. You can give people the option of signing up through their social media profiles in your app. It’s easier for the user and it will help you in your ranking as well.

Ad Placement

If you created an app for the business it is obvious that you want to place advertisements in it to generate revenue. While placing ads be sure not to add too much because then it could be annoying for the user. It is a general observation that apps that are filled with ads have a higher uninstall ratio. If your app is loaded with ads it might lag and give an unsatisfactory or unpleasant experience to the user which is the last thing you want your app to do. Try to include ads with a little moderation and you are good to go.

Offline Mode

While designing the app one thing you should always keep in mind is the features you can offer when the app is not connected to the internet. It will help your app big time if the user can utilize it while being offline. It will automatically outrun many apps available in the market which need a constant internet connection to work. By adding an offline mode to your app you are allowing your users to avail your services anytime anywhere and this will make your app an instant hit in the audience.

Product Marketing

Market your application to your target audience in the right manner is very important. You could have a very nicely made app but it would be useless if it didn’t reach the user. Work on a proper marketing strategy and stick to it. Highlight the unique aspects of your app while marketing it. Make the most use of influencer marketing and google ads as this is one of the most effective methods to reach your target audience. Use SEO and link building to be on the top google searches. Remember a product that is marketed right has a higher chance of success.

No Technical Errors

Before you make your app live make sure that there will be technical errors. Pay extra attention to the testing phase of your app to avoid any bug reports in your initial phase. Usually, apps that take longer to load get deleted quickly because the user has many other options to explore so make sure your app is quick and doesn’t lag. Keep in touch with your developer and testing team at all phases. Make sure your app is secure to use. Proper encryption of personal data and cache is very important and it should not be avoided at any cost. Make sure that safe communication standards are properly communicated. An app that is safe to use and quick to load should be on your high priority to achieve your goal of obtaining a larger audience.

Listen to the Users

Your work is not finished just after making your application available to the app store. You should analyze user reviews and take them seriously. Offer users feedback system it can be an email or a review so that the user can report any lag or bugs they are facing. It will give you a chance to interact with your users and understand what future improvements your users want. Give extra importance to your users and value their opinion. Try to get back to them as soon as possible. Keep your feedback system simple and quick to gain the trust and reliance of your users.


The success of your app depends upon the hard work and critical thinking you gave into your project. Your brainchild will have a lot of success if you plan things carefully and give a lot of time and effort into market research and analysis. Make sure to evaluate the interests of your target audience and create a product according to them. Your product should be technically sound and secure to be used by the people. Lastly, make you application innovative and simple for your users to make them fall in love with your application.

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