[:en]By many of the clients, one question is asked related to the web design is that is it affects the ranking and the Google search results or not? How the website looks is not able to view the Google and more specifically the Google does not make any kind of opinion about the design that whether it’s good or not?

To answer all the queries of the valuable readers, here are the some of the basic ranking factors that are used by the algorithm of Google. Since we have the major question related to the site design during the development phase have the great SEO (search engine optimization) impact on the website. So for you, it is essential to select the Web Design Company in Dubai logically and carefully.

Onsite optimization google ranking factors

From past twenty years, Google improves the search engine every day. There are many details that are looked by the algorithm of Google and are grown substantially. These details of the site include its accurate relevant content and dangling threads of the program’s information on the website.

There is a great amount of research is conducted to come to know about the factors determination of the Google and their value of the element. The details are the best. Google is not open to everyone and tells very little to the customers and Dubai Web Design Company about the algorithm of ranking. All details are not directly told to the SEO Experts Dubai.

Does google rank best the new website?

The better opportunities of the new website ranking in Google are high. This is not always the case for the ranking. There are many of the essential ranking factors to consider.

It is all clear that the Google likes new content and new things undoubtedly. The new website gives the signals to Google that there is something new and different information here. The Google algorithm gives the signal preference. With this knowledge, the websites of the market previously optimized content and improve the onsite optimization to retain the preference on the idea.

It is quite often that Web Development Company in Dubai will launch the websites of the customers when the traffic and the ranking of it start dropping. This is being done on the designing effort and nothing technical. Everyone needs to watch the new great looking website but the experts should not afford the ignorance of the technical elements of the Search Engine Optimization procedure.

Lack of content and homepage design

The trends of the Web Design Dubai over the last few years prefer the fold sliders and the minimalist web design techniques. This refers to the more backgrounds white space and images and less text. These techniques give the site a modern feel and look and become the reason of the hindrance to ranking on Google.

Google is effective and is able to read the content that is on the site. Sometimes these latest trends make it difficult for the SEO person to add the needed content that is significant for the website pages. The large data does not mean that the few words of the site cannot able to rank high in Google search but they may require other SEO factors to perform their duty and overcome this basic obstacle.

The websites that rank higher in the Google are with the great number of images and have the written SEO friendly content after the visitors scroll down. From the search, it is come to know that the Google algorithm gives the importance to the content that is above the website slider fold. It is always being competitive to compete with the rivals of the same industry or region. Sometimes this kind of the Web Design UAE makes it harder for the site to rank higher.

Role of UX in google ranking

Google is not at all in the initial stage come to know about the usability and the UX (user experience) of the site. The search engine is not using the people tracking movement for the determination of the SEO value of the website domain. Ranking factor and UX major example of intersecting are Mobile apps.

In Google, the responsive websites are preferred must like the people who are able to use them on their devices. This is the one of the important factor and element of the Google algorithm and is going to be same in Future. With the site content, the images are also going to resize according to the visitor’s device to give them good user experience. This will help in loading the site quicker and faster.

From this factor, this is not at all proving that the happy bright images of the site will push the ranking of the site higher in the SERPs (search engine results pages). But it will play the role in the user’s experience and ranking factor.

Add Ups

Optimization of the website should not restrict the designers of Web Designing Companies in Dubai from expiring themselves. For the beginners, it is important for them to learn some basic and major SEO techniques to make the site Google friendly.

H1 Tags

While designing the website, there are many of the shortcuts that are used to stylize the site such as the heading tags. The H1 tag on the site makes the text bold and big. H2 is the same but slightly smaller than H1 and so on to H6. The one of the common mistake the designers do that they make the whole site using the H1 tags. Google only demands the title and heading of the page in H1. This problem occurs due to the lack of designer and optimizer communication.

Use the name of images and alt text

Name of the image with the format is not at all the effectual and SEO friendly name. Google is not able to view the images on site so it is important for the companies to add a useful text to define the particular image. You can also add the alternative text tag on which Google heavily relies upon.

Resize the site Images

Resizing of the images makes it looks pleasing on the website page. Google is not able to recognize the smaller images so it is possible to use the 100k to 30 MB images. The Web Design Agency Dubai knows it’s important and make it use while designing.

Why are SEO factors important in designing?

The Web Development in Dubai is designing the sites with the great communication with the optimizer. Design of the site is important and will play its important role in the site SEO. InLogic UAE is an excellent place in Dubai that delivers the precise SMM, SEO and web designing services to valuable customers.


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