[:en]Conference Management Software: Hosting a business conference can be a daunting task but it is an integral part of the corporate as well as academic sector. Such events provide a platform for the skilled and expert minds of the industry to meet and greet. Every conference is organized with certain goals, and in order to achieve them, it is important to organize the best possible event. Manually organizing such a conference often become difficult and complex, in addition, they are also more vulnerable to human errors.

The managing conference is an intimidating task, whether it is a small one-day event or huge three or four days of the event. There are various activities that need to be performed while organizing the event. Hence, to reduce such complexities and make the processing of events smoother conference management software is introduced. The market is no filled with a plethora of options and therefore one needs to learn the basic before making the deal.

The conference automated software solution helps the event organizer in monitoring and regulating each and every phase of the event from the planning, to execution and after event analysis. In addition, the conference management solution enhances the attendee engagement, makes the registration and payment of event easier.

Moreover, the conference management system also has features of abstract management and hence helps to efficiently manage the submission sand reviews. The organizer takes advantage of the software to ensure that the conference will be smoothly organized, will minimize the cost and while generating more attendance as well as satisfaction.

Below are certain tips which one must keep in mind while looking for the best conference management software.

1- Determine your needs and make a list of features you need

Before you start looking for the new software it is important to determine exactly what you are looking for and what will be your requirements. Different software has a different focus and hence it is important to analyze the exact requirements before hitting the market. In most of the cases, the corporate doesn’t have to purchase a complex or expensive solution they just need to look for the right solution which will be a great fit for them.

2- Get a rough idea on the budget

The budget could be a crucial factor while making purchase for the dedicated system and hence it is recommended to fix a rough budget. Along with the main price tag, one must also keep an eye out for other costs that might sneak up over a certain time period, such as up gradation fees, training costs, service charges and cost of integration with other products.

3- Look for the software that will integrate with your existing system

There might be chances that certain software might not work together seamlessly with the system. If you don’t want to deal with disconnected, incomplete or lost data it is important to figure out what kind of software will easily integrate with your existing corporate data management system.

Make sure the software company provides great customer support and training before and after the purchase. Taking at least a week-long demo of the meeting management software allows for better decision making.

Conference Management Software by INLOGIC

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