[:en]You can be digitally present online and have the name of your brand on the internet but if your website is ugly and not user friendly it is most likely to be rejected by the audience. There are many web design Dubai companies that offer many services. These website design Dubai companies including In Logic IT solution, design innovative, responsive, user-friendly, and search engine friendly websites which help to engage your audience. There are many ways to make your website persuasive.

Make Interactive Headlines
When it comes to designing your website, few elements are very important as your homepage headline. Stop using simple texts. You can turn some of them into questions. Question-based headlines attract more attention. It catches the eye of the user scrolling through web pages.

Feedback Section
Feedbacks are very important. One judges your brand through authentic feedback, so if you have satisfied customers why not quote it on your website and let people hear from them? The more people you have in your feedback section, the more social proof you have of your authenticity, and the more likely you are to convince people to visit your site.

Make it User Friendly
When a user lands on a website, they often look to the navigation bar and tools on your website to orient themselves with the page. The navigation bar is very important because it serves as a tool to go back to the landing page when the user is exploring the website.

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