[:en]If you want to become a web developer or develop any web-based project and you’re a beginner and not sure which programming language to use I would suggest you consult a web design agency in Dubai. There are many e-commerce web design Dubai companies as well as web. inLogic IT solution is the best of them. As we are familiar with a famous saying, “right tool for the right job” and it pretty much applies to everything including a programming language. Every programming language is functioned differently and performs a different job. So one should be familiar with them before using them. JAVA is everyone’s favorite programming language but it can only be used for backend development. But JAVASCRIPT is the language that can be used for both server-side and client-side development. Why is it so? Let’s discuss.

Why JavaScript?

Easy User Interface
JavaScript is a language that provides a full user interface to play with right away. JavaScript is easy to use and has a graphical User Interface that’s fun to manipulate as well. For web development, you can write code that will run in your browser for your app.

Easy Support
Every browser has the feature of showing source code that helps you learn from other people’s code. Not only this, JavaScript has the largest library of code in the world. People in the JavaScript community help others very eagerly. There are different forums for which you can share your code and have it looked at by experts.

Multi-Paradigm Language
This is the programming language that is accepted by all the major browsers without the need for any compilers makes it best for you as a developer. Non-web-based projects can also be worked with it. This is a multi-paradigm language because of the combination of features it has.

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