[:en]You are a writer and just started posting on the internet too using WordPress? But you’re not familiar with WordPress at all? We got you covered. If you’re a beginner, It just may be the easiest and flexible blogging and website content management system. It is a web publishing software that you can use to create a beautiful website or blog. InLogic IT solution is a website design company in Dubai that offers services like creating your website and managing it and one of the most popular web design agency Dubai. There are many free themes offered by WordPress for different purposes. WordPress’s official website itself has 8000+ WordPress themes free for you.
Completely Free
The biggest benefit this website offers is many WordPress themes are free of cost. As you’re a beginner it will lower the barrier of entry to starting a blog and writing. However, there are many premium themes the website offers which are not free but for you as a beginner, the free themes will work and will be easy to use as well.
Works Without Error
Hearing of free themes might make you cautious that they will not work properly or might have errors? It’s completely untrue! Free WordPress themes are being held to a higher quality standard even before they are leased. All themes go through a strict theme review process in the official WordPress theme directory. A team of professionals use them, examine and test these themes themselves before they are included in the directory. Also as they are developed by the WP team, the users can find good support about the queries, the developers respond to your queries and the comments, you can get support from WordPress Codex and official forums.
Convenient for You
As you’re a new user you can’t just spend your whole earning in the trial process as I have mentioned free WordPress Theme are suitable for new website owners, WordPress does offer premium themes but they require payment, and many of these are quite expensive, Some theme sellers don’t accept the returns as well, so, if you buy the themes don’t like later or is not easy to work with you’ll be stuck with something you can’t use.

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