The Role Of Video Marketing and Live Streaming in Digital Marketing

Video content has become the preferred choice for businesses, whether they are presenting a live event or making an instructional video. Companies can now produce fascinating, emotionally engaging content for a broader audience and establish a strong brand connection as video and live streaming become increasingly popular on social media applications.

The humanlike interaction between a brand and a customer may be demystified through live video content, fostering a more familiar feeling that is frequently the first step to brand loyalty. But how successful is Livestream marketing, and what advantages can you anticipate from a great campaign? Here’s how to use Livestream video content to engage your audience and strengthen your brand as part of your digital marketing plan.

What is Marketing Through Live Streaming?

Live stream marketing uses video material that is produced, shared, and viewed in real-time to advertise and sell a company’s goods and services.

A popular and adaptable tool, live stream video gives your viewers a way to engage with you directly and get a better understanding of your company.

Today, several live-streaming methods may be used, each tailored to your company. To target various audiences more effectively, each platform, such as Facebook Live video Marketing, Instagram Live Streaming, and YouTube Live Streaming, offers different features and opportunities.

Viewers may engage in real-time conversation by leaving comments on the live broadcast. Businesses may also capture and publish live event streams online using live-stream marketing tools and software.

As a result, it has a far larger audience appeal since it is affordable, interesting, and genuine.

How Do You Get Customers to Connect With Your Brand Via Live Video Streaming?

You may use this technique to establish a connection with your audience and make them want to be around you. For customers to feel comfortable making purchases and returning, the experience must be personalized. Remember that the main goal of live streaming is to establish a connection between the product and the potential buyer. It is only feasible if the content of the video being broadcast is properly taken into account, as well as the placement of the video in time and space.

The benefits of integrating live streaming into digital marketing initiatives are greater than you would think. According to certain research, 90% of prospective buyers are more likely to trust the information presented through the video when purchasing a good or service. As a result, live streaming is increasingly being use as a foundation for online sales methods.

The following are some vital live-streaming statistics:

According to the Wyzowl Video Marketing Report:

  • 86% of marketers planned to employ video content as a priority in their marketing in 2021. 
  • 92% of marketers in 2021 will regard live online video as a crucial component of their plans.
  • YouTube will be a part of 88% of video marketers’ 2022 video marketing strategies, followed by 68% each for Instagram and LinkedIn and 65% each for Facebook.

According to the 2018 U.S. Video 360 Report

  • 42% of Americans live-streamed internet material in 2018, a considerable rise from the 25% who did so in 2017.
  • 80% of online video viewers also reported utilizing an app or service in 2018.
  • Nearly 6 hours a day are now spent viewing videos by adults in the United States.
  • The time frame (5:57) shows an increase in video consumption of 11 minutes, with 6 of the 11 minutes coming from devices linked to TVs. 

According to The Mondo Creative & Digital Trends:

  • IG stories, newsfeed videos, GIFs, cinema graphs, IGTV, and live video marketing viewers are predicting to invest in more social media platforms than other platforms (66%, 62%, 52%, 31%, 28%, and 28%, respectively).
  • According to Cisco Study, in 2021, 80% of all consumer internet video traffic will occur globally.
  • According to a recent prediction from App Annie Intelligence, customers spent $6.78 billion on social apps in 2021 and $17.2 billion yearly by 2025, increasing the upward trend of live-streaming marketing. Insight from App Annie

Why is Live Streaming Here to Stay?

We should address a common worry at this point. Is live streaming only a phase in the larger timeline of digital marketing? There is always a chance, but we believe live broadcasting will continue for the following three reasons:

  1. Vast Audience

First, by using a variety of live-streaming concepts, businesses may connect with consumers who have yet to hear of them. Live streaming can draw viewers you realize could be interesting, as opposed to email marketing targeting only a predetermined list of recipients.

  1. Increase in Smartphone Use

Second, we know more smartphone users than non-users. Nowadays, since smartphones are so widely used, individuals may watch live broadcasts while travelling to work, eating lunch, waiting for a meeting, or even just lounging on their couches at home.

  1. Fresh Possibilities

Thirdly, regardless of your industry, there are fantastic ways to engage an audience, as we’ll discover later. Don’t assume your audience or industry won’t support live streaming; you could be pleasantly surprising.

Ideas for Live Streaming

We’ve included some fantastic live-streaming suggestions below to get you started.

  1. Announcements: When you can create a flurry of excitement with a live broadcast, why announce the news with a statement or a short social media post?
  2. Interviews: Do an engaging live online interview with influencers or subject matter experts in your field.
  3. Q & A: Give your audience the space to ask questions about your service and goods since they are interesting in learning more about them. It will increase engagement.
  4. Behind-the-Scenes: Behind-the-scenes in video streaming feeds provide viewers access to the industry that was before impossible. Why not introduce the staff or showcase the office? The genuine people that run your business are what your audience loves to see.
  5. Customer Service: Like a Q&A, you might also invite anyone currently unhappy with the goods or services to speak. Live video streaming will be simpler to maintain client satisfaction if you hold one of these live broadcasts once a week for an hour rather than forcing consumers to contact you by phone or email.

Key Benefits of Video Streaming for Businesses

  1. Establish the brand in the customer’s consciousness.
  2. Respond to users in real-time.
  3. Personalize contacts with your consumers.
  4. Announce the debut of new products and services.
  5. Establish the brand in the customer’s consciousness.

The Verdict

The newest social media service, live streaming, is quickly gaining popularity on significant social media networks like Facebook and Twitter. Through tools like InLogic live streaming, marketing teams should start experimenting with various video content to connect and interact with their audience more effectively, enhance conversions, and raise brand recognition.

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